PaperChainManagement specialises in the optimisation of procurement of design, paper, printed matter, distribution and logistics.

PaperChainManagement makes the entire supply chain transparent and creates measurable improvements without any loss of quality. Clear systems and transparency in procurement procedures have an enormous financial impact and positive effect on the results of our clients.

PaperChainManagement sees procurement as an important pillar in a company’s procurement strategy.

The PaperChainManagement consultants have a pragmatic attitude and work closely with management to do things differently and better than competitors. Management commitment is a precondition for success. Our approach is results-oriented. Our product is the results and not the theory. And ……our fee depends on the achieved results.
PaperChainManagement comes up with new ideas and new concepts, and dares to step outside existing frameworks.

Courage, inspiration and realisation go together at PaperChainManagement!

PaperChainManagement sees the value chain from creation to distribution as the basis of its procurement activities.