Curriculum Vitae of Piet Jorritsma

PaperChainManagement was founded in 2002 by P.T. (Piet) Jorritsma, MA, BEng.

Upon completing his higher education in electrical engineering and electronics, he worked for a number of years as a project manager for technical consultancies in the non-residential and non-civil building sector.

After graduating in organisational sociology, he eventually started work in the printing industry. He worked for the second largest printing group in the Netherlands (the Biegelaar Group), a wholly owned subsidiary of N.V. Holdingmaatschappij de Telegraaf. Working as an assistant to the management of one of the major operating companies, he was first responsible for purchasing and finances and later also commerce.

He was general manager from 1991 and later (from 1998) director of the holding company. Following a merger/ takeover of the Biegelaar Group, he started working on the PaperChainManagement concept.