Often more than 10% savings!

Through our knowledge and expertise we achieve
structural savings that often exceed 10%.

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With our approach one gets transparency
and better control of all costs.

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Courage, inspiration and realization.

That is why we often work on the basis of "no cure - no pay"

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The chain quality control (CQC) method in printed media


We see the value chain from creation to distribution as the basis of our procurement activities.

Courage, inspiration and realisation.

The PaperChainManagement consultants have a pragmatic attitude and work closely with management to do things differently and better than competitors. Management commitment is a precondition for success. Our approach is results-oriented. Our product is the results and not the theory. And ……our fee depends on the achieved results. PaperChainManagement comes up with new ideas and new concepts, and dares to step outside existing frameworks.

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Our main focus is on:

  • Creation and pre-press
  • Raw materials (including paper and cardboard)
  • Point-of-sale materials
  • Packagings
  • Printing and finishing
  • Shipping, logistics and distribution
  • Workflow management

PaperChainManagement analyses the main cost drivers at every stage in the supply chain from creation to distribution. The next step is always from analysis to optimisation. PaperChainManagement’s expertise models are finally turned into structural cost savings and a permanent competitive advantage.

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